About Us

“Brooke and I are thrilled to share the story behind Bootlegger Runs and what the app is all about.

Jim Johnson, a close friend of ours, invited us to watch the Tennessee VOLS play in the Music City Bowl in December of 2021, and while there we made new friends that would lead to several more trips to Nashville. Fast forward to three o'clock on a cold and rainy Friday afternoon in April 2022 (this will be an important point in just a moment!! LOL). As we worked in our home office, located on the west side of Knoxville, we discovered that we were out of Cylk Cozart's Bourbon simply called, interestingly enough, Cylk… the only way to get more is to call Jim, call Cylk, or head to the Tennessee Distilling Company located 45 miles west… 45 miles west on I-40 at three o'clock on a cold and rainy Friday afternoon… NO WAY! That Run would take an hour and a half to drive there and an hour and a half back - THREE hours to get a few bottles of Cylk… it's good, but not that good - LOL!!

Well, as Brooke and I sat there, wishing we had some Cylk, I looked at Brooke and asked, “Brooke, I know you don't know, but, if you were to guess, how many cars, trucks, motorcycles… vehicles… are heading west bound on I-40 that will pass right by Watt Road?” Brooke replied, “I don't know… maybe 600,000??” And I say, “How many of them do you think would be willing to bring us some Cylk if we offered to give them $50? Like, they're already heading this way!” It was at that moment when we both looked at each other and said, “Holy shit! Do you know what we just created?” Almost instantly, we both knew we had created an “errand marketplace”, so to speak, where everyone could now help a new friend out without becoming a career courier service!

On April 4, while at lunch at Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken with our friend, Tyke Hilmer, a franchise owner at TradeBank, Brooke and Tyke were chatting and catching up on their mutual love for tailgating during TN VOLS football season (Rich really isn't a sports kind of guy so he didn't really care). While Brooke and Tyke talked, Tyke used an expression of “Bootlegging” something they do while tailgating; and instantly, Brooke and I looked at each other and said, “That's it! That's our name!!”

I mean, is there any association to bootlegging and the Cylk bourbon we wanted on Friday, April 1, absolutely there is. However, within seconds of originally thinking of the Cylk errand we needed, we immediately knew there would be an unlimited number of errands people would want someone else to run for them… maybe thousands… maybe millions!! So, for the rest of your life, you have a “Bootlegging friend” to help you out when you need to run an errand, but just don't have the time!

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How it works...

Bootlegger Runs (BR) is a free app download for customers who need an errand run, but no one to run it for them.

Everything starts with a Custome...

Once the app is open, Customers who need an errand Run for them tap the “Post A Run” button in the lower left corner of the app to Post the details we need to know to Run your errand correctly; all while using the latest technology to keep our customers as safe as possible.

Nothing happens without our Bootleggers...

Bootlegger Runs welcomes one-time, part-time, and full-time career Bootleggers (aka Drivers) to share the revenue that gets generated every time a Customer makes us an Offer to Run it for them. When the Offer is accepted, the Bootlegger starts to Run the errand while the Customer is able to track their Bootlegger every step of the way.

Work together to build the Bootlegger Tribe...

Imagine how quickly we could build our Tribe, those who love Bootlegger Runs as much as you do, if we all worked together to share BR with the world! We can all use TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, FanZooma, Instagram and all the others to help us spread virally across the globe!!

Guidelines For Driver

Bootlegger Requirements

A Bootlegger (aka Driver) the delivers for Bootlegger Runs understands that our Customers expect our Bootleggers to perform our delivery services in a professional manner, and with the highest industry standards. Bootlegger Runs requires that our Bootleggers:

  • use vehicles in good operating condition and, on the outside, clean and well maintained without material physical damage, and on the inside smoke and odor free, and free of pet dander;
  • pass all required vehicle inspections by Driver's jurisdiction of residence;
  • present a well-groomed personal appearance and not wear offensive clothing;
  • refrain from smoking at any time on the way to or during delivery services;
  • not perform the delivery services under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol;
  • abide by all laws restricting talking or texting while driving;
  • not enter any customer of delivery recipient's home or business; and
  • be in violation of any laws while performing the delivery services.

Become A Driver

How to earn with Bootlegger runs?

Share the Revenue

Bootleggers keep 60% of every Bootlegger Offer they accept. If the Offer is too low, Bootleggers can Counter with a more reasonable Offer according to the market, and you made more money.

Share Socially

Share Bootlegger Runs with every single person you know using the contacts saved in your phone or your tribe on social media and earn $5 BR Bucks for every download. BR Bucks can be used to save you up to 30% on all purchases made INSIDE the app.


Encourage your BR friends to use the app any time they need an errand.. When they use Bootlegger Runs, you earn 15% in Run Rewards on the Bootlegger Offer of everyone that used your code to download the app and post a Run of $15 or more! Run Reward earnings are added to your BR Digital Wallet. Use the Bootlegger Runs VISA Card, ACH to a bank account of your choice, or transfer the money to your debit/credit card. (Example: You share BR with Fred. Fred downloads the Bootlegger Runs app for free. You just earned $5 BR Bucks. The next week, Fred Posts a Run with a Bootlegger Offer of $100. You earned $15 in Run Rewards that will be deposited to your Digital Wallet. Run Rewards is a Real Reward that can be used INSIDE or OUTSIDE of Bootlegger Runs!

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